Title:        "Peter's Denial"

Date:        1966

Dim:          1520 x 1000 cm

Medium:  Conte & Masking tape on paper

Artists of fame and promise Grand award winner.

Title:         Prancing Horse

Date:        1963

Dim:          68 x 72 cm

Medium:   Charcoal-on-paper

Catalogue cover of 1963 'Horses' exhibition at Adler Fieldings Galleries

Title:         Night

Date:        1962

Dim:          470 x 310 cm

Medium:   Conte-on-paper

Title:        Bus Stop

Date:        1961

Dim:          510 x 325 cm

Medium:   Conte-on-paper

Title:         Horses (Detail)

Date:        1967

Dim:          780 x 780 cm

Medium:   Conte

Front cover of the invitation card of the first one person exhibition in 1967 at the Adler Feilding galleries JHB.

Title:         Greetings Cecil

Date:        May 2008

Dim:          630 x 465 cm

Medium:   Conte